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About the Alive! Essential Oil Blend by TID

I've been working on quite a few projects. All with the purpose to (re)unite the mind, body and spirit, and bringing us to true wellness and a state of balance--the true sweet spot. I didn't realize it but I had embodied the Wounded Healer archetype (see definition at the end of this post). As someone who had been injured and experienced trauma, I want to not only heal myself but serve as a crossing guard for others who also wish to heal and live fully.

I wanted to create an essential oil blend that is both uplifting and grounding to help provide a sense of balance and bliss. This gives me the opportunity to harness the benefits of multiple oils in one convenient and personalized mixture for you to use on yourself and your surroundings. This is how and why I make this unique essential oil blend by hand using orange, sweet orange, mandarin, lotus, clove, vetiver, cedarwood, and benzoin.

  1. Orange and Sweet Orange: These oils are known for their uplifting and mood-boosting properties. They can help alleviate stress and anxiety, promote relaxation, and increase energy levels.

  2. Mandarin: This oil has a sweet and refreshing scent that can help alleviate stress and promote relaxation. It can also help improve digestion and boost the immune system.

  3. Lotus: This oil has a calming and soothing effect on the mind and body. It can help promote relaxation and improve sleep quality. It is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

  4. Clove: This oil has a warm and spicy aroma that can help alleviate pain and reduce inflammation in the body. It can also help boost the immune system and fight infections.

  5. Vetiver: This oil has a grounding and balancing effect on the mind and body. It can help promote relaxation and improve mental clarity and focus.

  6. Cedarwood: This oil has a woody and grounding aroma that can help promote relaxation and improve sleep quality. It can also help reduce inflammation and support respiratory health.

  7. Benzoin: This oil has a sweet and warm aroma that can help promote relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety. It is also known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

This unique essential oil blend can be diffused in a diffuser or used topically because I use a formula using both alcohol and a carrier oil. I also make one without alcohol if requested in advance.

This blend promotes relaxation, alleviates stress and anxiety, boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation, and improves sleep quality and can be personalized to suit your individual needs and preferences.

Using this unique essential oil blend is a fun and creative way to harness the benefits of multiple oils in one convenient mixture. This essential oil blend is created and handmade by me. Give it a try and experience the many benefits of essential oils for yourself there is a trial size and a full size (2oz)!

Consult with your medical professional before using essential oils if you're pregnant or have any allergies.

What is the Wounded Healer Archetype?

The Wounded Healer archetype is a concept from analytical psychology, first introduced by psychologist Carl Jung. It describes a type of healer who has undergone significant personal suffering and has emerged from it with the ability to help others heal. This archetype suggests that through the process of healing oneself, one can gain insight, empathy, and the ability to connect with others who are going through similar struggles.

The Wounded Healer archetype can manifest in many different ways, such as a therapist, a mentor, a spiritual leader, or any other kind of healer. The archetype is not limited to those in the healing professions; it can be seen in anyone who has experienced and overcome personal suffering and is now able to use their experience to help others.

In addition to Jung, the concept of the Wounded Healer has been explored by other psychologists and writers, including Alice Miller, Henri Nouwen, and Clarissa Pinkola Estés. It has also been embraced by many in the fields of spirituality, alternative healing, and personal growth.

Wishing You Wholeness

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