Grief, Loss and Healing: Getting Better Sleep by Healing

Updated: Jan 5

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The Grief and Loss Series

Grief Can Cripple and Paralyze You or It Can Lead to Acceptance, Healing and Inner Strength

Embrace Grief's Natural Healing Process and You Become Stronger, Healthier and Better Prepared to Handle Any Loss

Have you ever had a problem getting past grief? When you experience a great loss, do you find it virtually impossible to move on? I know this first hand and have so many clients who were suffering for too long, needlessly.

When you care about something or someone, it's hard to accept that it's been taken out of your life. This is especially the case where the death of a loved one is concerned.

But grief is also present with other types of loss, such as:

· The unforeseen end of an important relationship

· The loss of a job or a demotion

· A severe medical diagnosis

· A long-distance relocation of a friend or loved one

· Retirement, an end to some other important, long-term chapter in your life

· Empty nest syndrome (your last children leaving home)

· Loss of a dream, knowing you won't be able to fulfill a lifelong dream

· Loss of freedom or normalized activities, such as in a pandemic

· The loss of anything that's important to you

That last one is really important.

Grief is a very individual process. This is because it has to do with what's important to you, not anyone else.

Greif is a result of a trauma and ought to be taken seriously because trauma that remains unhealed leads to many other problems that don't have to happen.

You can suffer incredible grief over the loss of something that someone else might find easy to accept.

This doesn't mean your grief isn't real. When you lose something that's tied to your values, your emotions or what's important to you, the sense of loss can be devastating.

Everyone grieves in their own way, but there's one very important thing to remember . . .

  • You can't ignore grief and hope it goes away

  • There are different types of grief, but they all have one thing in common.

Untreated grief causes a long list of mental and physical health problems. It can lead to severe sleep disorders, nightmares and self-hate, self-harm and substance abuse ... even suicidal thoughts and actions.

There's something else that is common among all types of grief you experience when you suffer loss.

If you allow yourself to move through the natural healing process, you can come out the other side and find a new normal.

The key to recovering from loss and coming out the other side stronger, healthier and more capable of dealing with this and other losses is understanding the process.

When you move through the stages of grief naturally, you can handle any loss.

This is true of anyone, whether you're a man or a woman and regardless of your age.

When you understand the natural process of grief and loss, you can prepare yourself to get through the process with strength and resolve.

· The result is acceptance.

· You develop inner strength.

· You can help yourself and others get past loss when it happens in the future.

· You benefit from gratitude, acceptance and growth, rather than experiencing endless sorrow, frustration, guilt and a feeling of helplessness.


The Journey of Grief and Loss

Let the Healing Process Begin

Report and Workbook link


· The knowledge that anyone, even you, can recover stronger than ever before from the greatest of losses. (This only happens when you understand the healthiest, most natural ways to move through the grieving process. That's exactly what we'll show you.)

· The unique difficulties of handling grief or loss during a pandemic.

· The dangers of ignoring grief and loss. (Put off dealing with grief and substance abuse, isolation, depression and even suicide can be the result.)

· The 12 different types of grief, and why it's important to understand what type you're going through.

· How to spot the emotional and physical symptoms of grief. (This is important, because sometimes we can be involved in a grieving process without knowing it.)

· The 5 healing stages of grief and loss.

· Why you should never put a time limit on your grief and healing.

· 6 myths about grief and loss you should never believe. (Many people unfortunately believe myth #5, but it's just not true.)

· The signs that you should seek professional help. (It's not a sign of weakness to look for help. It's a sign of strength.)

· The right (and wrong) ways to be supportive to someone who's going to the grieving process.

· How grief and depression are similar but definitely different emotions you have to deal with.

· 27 proven ways to find comfort through the grieving process.

There are so many times in our lives when our decision-making process is removed. Decisions are made for us. We don't have any say so in the matter.

This isn't true where grief and loss are concerned.

You get to make the decision to recover or to let grief win.

Since it's an absolute certainty that you're going to suffer major loss several times in your life, doesn't it make sense to choose recovery over a lack of control?

It does. And if you're grieving right now, it may be difficult to believe that your current path of despair, frustration, loss and helplessness is ever going to end.

But it will end. This too shall pass.

This information gives you power over the healing process rather than letting loss wreck your life. It shows you how to recover with strength and peace from any loss, as well as how you can guide others through the process in a healthy way.

The download is instant and you can have this stress-relieving, inner strength-building report in your hands immediately.

Loss can strike without warning. It's better to have this proven process for healthy grief recovery in your hands before you suffer a serious loss, rather than after the negative emotions begin to impact your life.

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