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Why I Wrote a Memoir on Resilience

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Don't Just React to Life, DESIGN Your Life

Never give up.
Hope Springs Eternal

I was Compelled to Write a Memoir on Resilience

A brilliant young man I met recently succinctly summed up for me why I wrote a memoir and corresponding guide. He said, "So you want to say in a book what people ask you about and how you've survived and you tell them verbally over and over again."

"YES, that's it!" I exclaimed with relief someone understood. It was just the right time to share my story, philosophy and resilience guide in the format of two books. I did it to create the foundation for all of the work I have done and continue to do that which constitutes creative expression as an Empath and Spiritual Coach.

But Who is the Memoir For?

I want to say my book is for all avid readers. But it is more than that. It is for anyone who has interest in reading about someone who had to overcome, survive and thrive after repeated traumas.

I wasn't suppose to be here, alive. Two failed attempted abortions, and a domestic violence relationship where I was almost killed is the reason. Trying to do all the right and proper things leading to failure after failure. This led to the loss of everything I had. This includes my health, career, role as a person/woman, and my purpose in this life. All of this while feeling and being a complete oddball with strange quarks like needing at least 12 to 16 hours of sleep to function and being an empath.

Tragedies happen and can happen to anyone, anywhere at any time. If we live in a place of balance and awareness. (and that takes effort) we will make it through difficult times by way of resilience, while others will fall apart and suffer unnecessarily.

Self-care has a lot of loose definitions out there. Let’s tighten that up and talk about Self-care for chronic stress and pain. General self-care ranges from being aware of your daily needs and working on creating balance. Self-care is about something we forgot to do: that is to listen to our body, mind and spiritual needs. It consists of actionable, conventional and unconventional tools and techniques, including using beauty to relieve chronic pain and stress (Beauty Heals Pain).

This includes consciously establishing new and healthy habits of self-care while working on eliminating unhealthy ones with a specific plan. This includes my passion to helping people find ways to sleep better and make their homes sanctuaries.

Self-care has to be customized and crafted to meet your specific needs. There is no one-size-fits-all in self-care.

The care of one’s self or what is commonly known as SELF-CARE it is all important to me. I realize that at the moment the "self-care" is a trendy term overused and misused by various industries. But for me it is a fundamentally part of my life that gives me a semblance of relief from extreme and chronic physical, emotional and spiritual pain.

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