Self-Care Coaching or Chronic Stress and Pain


Self-Care Coaching specifically addresses using various techniques to reduce chronic stress and pain and increase balance. This ranges from self-care of the body, home, and social environments. Sessions can be weekly, monthly or 3 month packages.


Intuitive Coaching Sessions range from 1 to multiple sessions that involve a process of using a combination of decades of counseling, advising, consulting, and spiritual healing experience. 

Sessions are confidential and may involve a range of intuitive tools including, Feng Shui, handwriting analysis, other intuitive cards or I-Ching. The goal is to provide assistance in embarking in one's spiritual awakening.o provide the optimum amount of benefit to you.

Sessions are $4.50 per minute:

15 Minutes $67.50

30 Minutes $135

45 Minutes $200.00

60 Seconds $270.00

Coaching are Six Week, 45 Minute Sessions Packages (contact for pricing).

Coaching Topics Include:


  • Sources of chronic pain and stress

  • Various but customized self-care techniques

  • Addressing self-care myths and replacing them fact and research based information

  • Love and Relationships

  • Spiritual Experiences 

  • Life Purpose and Path

  • General Inquiries and assessments

Diana also actively writes for a blog, social media and has various books available on her Author Page.


Private Self-Care Individual Coaching, Group Coaching/Workshops, Intuitive Sessions.  
Speaking, Workshops and StoryTelling

Interactive workshops and Storytelling intended to create lasting and transformative results. 


​A balanced use of personal sharing and audience participation creates a open and seamless way to connect with participants. 




Speaking and Coaching 

Personal Coaching  sessions are available: 

  • In person, if in New York City

  • By phone

  • Via email and

  • Text

Payments should be made as the secure "Donation" button and categorized as "Gift". to avoid an additional charges. 

Before booking sessions please read and confirm you agree with the disclaimer below.

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