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Your Life Purpose Sweet Spot, Calling and Path

A Course to Guide You Back to Your Soul's Calling

I am REady to find with my life purpose sweet spot!

There is nothing sadder than not knowing why you are here, alive, conscious, going day to day in this world. Ok, maybe thinking you are here for a purpose and that purpose or reason completely falls apart may be worse.

 In fact, the most dangerous human is one desperate for a purpose and finding one that is destructive instead of life-affirming, as in those who get caught in extremist thinking or cults--through conscious choice or ignorance.

The intense sadness of a human that doesn't realize the power they have to choose their inherent freedom to create, expand beauty love, truth, and unlimited potential.

The human that mistakes and misinterprets killing, hurting, stealing, maiming, and enslaving other living beings for power instead of knowing it's an ABUSE of power that is not sustainable.

This program is but a nudge into your own powerhouse of a compass that may need to be tuned up but is there and ready to be used. Perhaps an awakening to your true self.

Go From “Lost” to Living Out Your Soul’s True Purpose–and Making Bank!

Ready to ditch self-doubt and step into the big role you were always meant to play?

You’re reading this because you know you’re destined for more.

You don’t just want to survive, to get by, or to “do okay” in your business and life.

You know your soul is calling you to a deeper purpose, but you just can’t see how you can go from here to there…

You’re in the right place.

And? It doesn’t have to be this way.

Trust me: Whether you’re deep-in-your-bones-sure of your purpose or have an inkling but just can’t convey it out loud, you CAN get into alignment with your purpose, step into your true calling and start making more money with incredible ease, starting…right now.

Discovering What You’re Truly Here to Do


Pull up a chair and let’s chat.

It’s radical honesty time, friend.

Ask yourself these questions?:

  • Do you know why you are here? The reason why are born and alive?

  • Your personal mission in Life?

  • What is your purpose on this planet right now?

  • Do you know what your calling is?

  • Are you stuck or lost right now?

  • Is it too late to find your purpose?

  • Did you make too many mistakes or have too many failures to live your path?

  • Are you too sick, lost, or confused about your path in life?

  • Are you feeling pressure from family, partner, friends, and society as to who you should be?

  • Who decides what happens in my life? Do I have a choice (free will)? Is your life fated (You feel limited with no choices)?

  • Is it just one purpose in your life, or many?

  • Did you achieve your goals but felt that there was still something lacking in your life?

  • Can your life purpose change?

  • Do you or does anyone make you feel that your age, gender, appearance, educational level, and/or where you live are obstacles to living your calling?

  • What if nothing is going your way in life?

  • Did something shocking happen in your life to make you question why you are here?

  • Can your dreams give you an idea and insight into your purpose?

  • Are you having odd coincidental and unexplained experiences?

  • Are you doing precisely things in your life that make you want to jump out of bed excited to begin a new day?

  • Are you able to fulfill a need deep inside to express yourself, your talents, your values, and your unique and precious gifts?

  • If you have “traditional” work does it allow a balanced life – one that leaves time for family and friends, for physical activity or hobbies, for you?

  • Are you doing what you love?

What you might not know is exactly how to go about shifting your current reality and stepping into your true calling in a tangible, practical, non-airy fairy way. The good news is the fact that you’re here proves you’re ready to make a change.

And you wanna hear the realest (and juiciest) truth of all?

You DESERVE a life with a life-enhancing purpose.

And since you’ve landed on this page, you’re just a few not-so-magical shifts away from living a life more aligned, with more flow, ease, and joy than you ever thought possible.

(Not to mention, more money, more passion and a profound sense that you’re actually doing something meaningful with your one, precious life!)

So, if you’re ready to ditch the self-doubt & safety nets and (finally) get into alignment with what your soul truly came here to do, I’m ready to guide you.



Your Life Purpose Sweet Spot


This one-of-a-kind training includes practical, step-by-step guidance for you if you’re ready to return to your Life Purpose and ready to ditch the doubt & drama and step into your soul’s unique calling to make more cash with incredible ease and joy.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Get crystal clear on exactly what’s draining you in your current life, work and business model–and then release it (or transmute it), for good

  • Tune into, hear and trust your intuition & soul’s guidance (instead of brushing it off, ignoring it or telling yourself you’ll "get around to it later”)

  • Get radically honest about what your soul is here to share (even if you’ve been scared to admit it or fuzzy about it up until now!)

  • Heal the painful wounds, old programming and negative conditioning holding you back from living your true purpose

  • Make small-yet-noticeable shifts every day to create a more soul-aligned business quickly & easily

  • Magnetize what you truly desire in a way that feels safe to your nervous system, so it actually sticks & becomes your new normal

  • And more!

It’s true.

Not only because of your new, aligned life (as following your heart often does), but because you don’t just “get into alignment” once and then you’re done. We’re always evolving. And your desires will evolve over time, too.

Your soul is expansive and will forever be calling you to grow and change and GO EVEN BIGGER.

And in order to stay in alignment, you’ll have to get honest and real and ditch the doubt about your next steps–over and over again.

Yep, you’ll have to revisit this EXACT process.


But if you decide to invest in yourself today & nab this transformative training with a one-time-only payment, you’ll have the entire thing at your hot little fingertips,

So what do you say to that?

Join me for this epic training & let me teach you exactly how to get crystal clear on what your soul is here to do, work through the old beliefs keeping you stuck and make the practical moves and the necessary moves to transform your business into your purpose work.

You don’t have to do it alone.

See you on the inside!

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In this course, you will find the following Modules. Each includes Worksheets, Audio, and Videos for you to use at your own pace. The best part is there are no wrong answers except giving up. 

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Module 1
Discovering and Rediscovering Your Calling


Module 2
Get Honest About What Your Soul Wants


Module 3
Work Through Challenges


Module 4
Get Clear on What Yuur Soul Purpose Is


Module 5
Challenge Old Beliefs and Fear


Module 6
Small and  Soul-Aligned Changes

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Module 7
Evaluate and Realign Regulaly

The Story Behind Your Life Purpose Sweet Spot

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