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You Can't Skip The Dark 
(to get to the Light) 
a Program by

The Spiritual Crossing Guard

Balance, Acknowledge and Explore the Light and Dark to Reach Balance and Healing

“People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own souls. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

― Carl Jung, Psychology and Alchemy

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You Can't Skin the Dark Program Areas of Inquiry 

In this world there is light and dark, good and evil and an immeasurable continuum throughout, between and around. It is impossible for us to perceive it with our limited senses. In fact, we thought we had five and now we are counting 7 senses that we use to experience our existence.


There is something many people aren't aware of or at times don't want to admit in life and that is that a spiritual awakening is complex and darkness must be addressed, faced and understood. From connecting to the universe with joy to confronting dark energies and what scares you the most, you can’t skip the dark in spiritual awakenings and in life. 

There is no set roadmap or timeline to spiritual awakening and psychic opening and we cannot predict how or when it will happen. Your life often turns completely upside down leaving you feeling like you're going crazy, the world is not what you thought it was and you may question reality altogether. However, there is guidance we can draw from and thanks to our ancestors, the billions of individuals who have experienced an awakening and from our own soul. Now you can use this knowledge to navigate your spiritual journey, our most important journey on Earth.



In this unique program, you will find several areas to explore including engaging in the:

  1. Self-Directed Coaching Programs 

  2. Coach-Guided Coaching Programs and

  3. Laser Coaching (semi-directed) Coaching Programs


Depending on which you choose, each will include tools and ways to explore, learn and participate in the area of inquiry.

Program tools include worksheets, workbooks, checklists, audio (e.g., meditations, music), images, printables, referrals, resource guides, cheat sheets, and videos for you to use at your own pace. The best part is there are no wrong answers except giving up. 

You can also read the blog posts, check other programs offered and visit the Holistic Wellness  Shop.


What is Spirituality
What is meant by "spiritual"? How is that different from Religion or Science


The Nature of Reality
What are the realms and levels of existence

What is natural and supernatural


What is a Psychic Opening 
How do we begin to experience our life and world beyond the 5 senses? What makes us intuitive, psychic, a sensitive or in any way sense the spiritual or invisible realm


Spiritual Protection and Spiritual Release
Explore the tools and ways to protect yourself, loved ones and space from negativity, things that throw you off balance and cause you harm

The Power of Ritual, Cleansing, Cleaning, you and your space


What is a Spiritual Awakening
What is it, what triggers it and what are the Consequences


You Can't Skip the Dark
Why denying the role of darkness doesn't work in a search for a balanced life and spiritual living 


Types of People,
Types of Spirits

The exploration of gaining spiritual intelligence to identify and understand people's intentions as well as identify the types of non-human entities and energies


Designing Your Life with Beauty
How to purposely design your life and space to promote balance, healing, cancel negativity and add ultimate beauty


What is Darkness in Our World and Lives
Exploring it as an energy, a force and role of good and evil


What are we from Body to Soul
Exploring what and who we are as humans from the physical to the invisible self


Tools for Spiritual Inquiry
Exploring the tools we have available to us to learn, explore and understand spirituality, the universe and reality


The Never Ending Journey
Resources for your ongoing growth and wholeness

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