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Wake Up Routines- Bite-Sized Programs

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Notice I didn't say "morning". This is for you to wake up at your best no matter what your sleep schedule is. How refreshing! Enjoy 9 bite-size modules that are easy but powerful ways for you to make the absolute best time of your wake-up times. This is the perfect complement to Your Sweet Sleep Spot, deep rest and energy-filled, enriched time when you're awake. You'll also get some resources that include a full-sized workbook and a 103-page journal with prompts and affirmations you can use digitally or print out. You will also get the full Daily Rituals Bundle which is sold separately but included at no extra cost with the program. This has a full report on rituals, a full journal, a full report, a full workbook and daily ritual pages. Get this value pack only here at This is Diana






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