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Essential Oils for Healing: A Comprehensive Package

Essential Oils for Healing: A Comprehensive Package



This special report reveals household and health-boosting uses for EOs and can get you cleaning your home and healing your family naturally ... without the dangerous side-effects that accompany many costly medicines and household cleaners.

This report is available as an instant download in a zip file, and in it you discover 

  • The centuries-old history of essential oils for delivering side-effect-free health benefits


  • Why a very small amount of essential oil (in some cases only 2 or 3 drops) can pack so much health-boosting power


  • Recorded EO use goes back at least 6,500 years when ancient Egyptians used them to prevent and treat disease and illness, and for cultural and religious celebrations


  • How essential oils are made


  • Why you want to start blending 2 or more oils


  • The exact tools you need to use, blend, store and benefit from the incredible mind and body-boosting benefits of EOs


  • Everything you need to know about carrier oils and smart EO dilution


  • The top carrier oils that not only dilute essential oils safely, but also contribute their own health benefits


  • When it is safe to use essential oils without a carrier oil dilution (this is vital information for safe topical and aromatic use)


  • The dilution ratios recommended for different topical applications such as treating warts, scrapes, cuts and other wounds


  • How an absolute oil is different from an essential oil


  • Tips for buying essential oils, such as understanding the difference between therapeutic grade, food grade and perfume grade oils (this section of the report is extremely important to ensure you get the best oil possible for your situation)


  • Whether you should use direct or indirect inhalation, diffusing, ingestion or topical applications


  • The benefits of aromatherapy, which turn nature’s essential oils into tools for treating and improving a number of health problems


  • How you can combine massage with essential oils to lower your blood pressure, cleanse your body of harmful toxins and poisons, relieve stress and promote mental well-being


  • The 34 most popular essential oils and the health-promoting benefits they offer, including the 28 essential oils you should always have on hand (if all you do is use this section of your report as a reference guide to better health and well-being, you can significantly improve so many areas of your life, and your loved ones)


  • The top household uses for EOs, such as insect repellents and room deodorizer, bath salts and sanitizing your home, dishwashing and freshening the air


  • What oils you should use for fighting inflammation, slowing down the aging process, beating obesity, skin and hair health, stress management, anxiety, first aid, boosting your libido and sexual performance, and for achieving just about any other mental or physical health benefit you can imagine


  • And much more, like what? Inforgrams for you to see in one glance how EO's work, reports on Immunity, Stress Managment with oils and how to get Energy using certain oils. 


You have probably seen several different types of healing modalities come and go.  Aromatherapy and essential oils have been used literally for thousands of years across multiple cultures for preventing illness, as well as for treating illness, disease and injury. They still offer the same benefits today

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