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Your Sleep Sweet Spot via PDF

Your Sleep Sweet Spot via PDF


There is so much information on sleep out there and yet people still can’t get good sleep. Why is this? And equally important, how can we definitively change this?


Let’s consider some issues missing or won’t find often or at all in the sleep advice world:


① Most if not all sleep expert information simply will disregard or brush by this area of fluctuating sleep cycles that don’t need to be fixed but worked with. I am suggesting it is worthy to explore different sleep schedules. Perhaps you go with the flow of your own body’s cycle instead of trying to conform to ill-informed societal standards instead. And


② Mind and specifically spirit are often ignored, minimized, or dismissed when it comes to explaining sleep’s purpose, the reason for dreams and overall human health.


③ The term “sleep hygiene” is being used wrongfully to describe what we really need and that is the power of sensory-fueled rituals that gently brings us to the state most conducive to deep, quality, and restorative sleep.


Your Sleep Sweet Spot is a sleep routine, ritual, space design, schedule, and philosophy that implements bio-individuality. It provides you the best, most restorative sleep, optimal restoration, balance, and vital energy for your unique sleep cycle—nocturnal, diurnal, or alternative shift sleeper. It considers your specific physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. It also considers environmental, technological advances, and global interconnection, using what works and upgrading it to adjust with ongoing changes.★


Why are we experiencing so many problems associated with this essential need? These could range from chronic exhaustion, nightmares, sleep apnea, pain, insomnia, sleep paralysis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, inflammation, pain, cancer, mental impairments, mood disorders, increased accidents, emotional distress, pre-mature aging, and many more diseases and effects we are only discovering today.


The core of my contribution to this work on sleep is that a person’s requirements for restorative sleep are as unique (bio-individual) as their DNA or fingerprint. Every guideline, suggestion, or technique has to be customized to your very unique need.


Millions of people who need more sleep, while some can function with less sleep, and others need to break up their sleep cycle, for one reason or another, are left to flail because


a) We are getting useless one-fits-all advice and information on sleep that isn’t working;


b) And we feel as if we are doing something wrong, experiencing judgment from professionals, family, and society as a whole.


This is not a body of work that gives you techniques that will provide you with a normal sleep schedule. This is because sleep is specific to each person, there is no such thing as normal when it comes to sleep. This is a project that helps you find your unique Sweet Sleep Spot.


★To find your sweet sleep spot, you need to know more about what sleep and dreams are, why you need them, and how to design your own sleep life with the right information and tools.◆

This work is my contribution to this cause to the awakening power of sleep and dreams. It includes personal experiences, research, theories, intuitive and philosophical introspection. Let’s see what we know about sleep and dreams and upgrade it to work better.


With this book you will also get from the author from her site at no cost:

◆ A full Sleep Reference Guide

◆ A Mindfulness Guide

◆ A Forming New Habits Resource Guide

◆ An Alternative Health Resource Guide

◆ A Dream Interpretation Guide

◆ Free sleep and relaxation videos via YouTube

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