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Hellerwork - Powerful Massage Method to Relieve Pain and Tension

As a Spiritual Crossing Guard and Certified Mind-Body and Holistic Coach, I want to share about the Hellerwork


Hellerwork is an integrated system of bodywork,

Hellerwork helps to connect and reorganize body alignment through a process of functioning, emotion, body structure and expended energy.


Once you realize how some of your movements have become harmful habits, you can release the old and bring in the new, more natural movements.


It is a holistic treatment that is based on the theory that if the body is under stress and there is misalignment in the musculoskeletal system, then health problems will certainly arise if they haven’t already.


Health Benefits of Hellerwork


Hellerwork is another bodywork therapy that provides similar health benefits to other therapies. Just some of the benefits are:


·        Speeds up the healing process of injuries

·        Reduces stress and tension and provides a feeling of relaxation

·        Helps relieve back, joint and neck pain

·        Increases energy and ease of movement

·        Improves posture and the body’s skeletal alignment.


Popular Massage Therapies – Hellerwork and Rolfing


Joseph Heller developed Hellerwork along the lines of the popular massage therapy, Rolfing. He trained for six years with the founder of Rolfing, Dr. Ida P. Rolf, then developed his own style of bodywork and established a training facility in California for Hellerwork.


Heller was an engineer, working in NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, but became enamored with bioenergetics and the Gestalt method of therapy. Later, he developed Hellerwork based on manipulative massage.


Although Hellerwork therapy has some of the same manipulative techniques as Rolfing, designed to realign the body and bring balance to the structure, he brings innovative ideas such as movement education and verbal dialogue into the mix.


Restoring Balance for Health and Healing


Optimizing your body movements is a major step to healing and relieving pain and tension that comes from a body that’s imbalanced through incorrect body movements. Hellerwork focuses on restoring that balance, and with it a more relaxed and youthful body and mind.


The Three Components of Hellerwork


Hellerwork combines bodywork, movement education and dialogue to get powerful results of relieving pain and tension and helping your body move with a natural ease rather than rigidity and pain.


Here are the three components of Hellerwork:


Component One – Bodywork


Bodywork is the hands-on component and works by a practitioner helping you first release the tension and rigidity that naturally builds in your body through incorrect movement patterns.


Component Two -  Movement Education


Movement education is another component of Hellerwork, acting to increase awareness of how you move and how it affects your alignment and balance in everything you do. You’ll develop new patterns of movement which will rid your body of tension.


Component Three - Dialogue


Dialogue is the other component of the Hellerwork system of bodywork. During the process, you’ll exchange dialogue with your practitioner and learn to recognize patterns causing body tension and stress.


Throughout the dialogue, you’ll gain tremendous insights in how your thinking is influencing your body and learn to change it by dealing with problems as they occur.


The Hellerwork method can help you to live a more relaxed and pain-free life with reduced physical effort. Also, check this additional resource:

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Wishing You Wholeness


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