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The Alexander Technique – ‘Relieves Stress and Tension Through Movement’

As a Spiritual Crossing Guard and Certified Mind-Body Coach, I want to share about the Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a powerful bodywork therapy used to put you in touch with how you move throughout the day. You’ll learn how to consciously get rid of tension that builds within your body from performing the simplest of activities, such as walking, lifting, sitting or lying down.

This method teaches you how to become more aware of how your body movements affect the stress and tension levels in your life. It’s purposely designed to free the body from strain and pain and prevent the debilitating physical and mental problems associated with harmful patterns you may have developed.

The Alexander Technique Trains Your Mind

Rather than punishing your body with exercises that could cause harm, the Alexander Technique teaches you how to use your mind to affect how you

move and how you think about any activity you’re engaged in.

This remarkable mind/body technique was formulated by Australian actor, Frederick Matthias Alexander when he began to search for answers to the chronic laryngitis he experienced when performing on stage. Alexander eventually discovered that his problem was caused by tremendous tension in his neck and entire body and he set about to find a solution.

The Alexander Technique is the result of over fifty years of research and trial and error before finally bringing it to the public.

Changing Your Habits That Affect Your Mobility

The technique teaches you how to change the day-to-day habits that inhibit and restrict your mobility. During the learning process of the Alexander Technique, you’ll become more aware of these behaviors that are especially affecting your posture and movements.

Posture is one of the major areas that the Alexander Technique is designed to help. When you coordinate the musculoskeletal system by correcting old, bad habits such as poor posture, you’ll relieve the chronic pain and stiffness associated with stress and tension that results from the physical action.

You’ll learn how to stop the harmful patterns that continue to impede your ultimate enjoyment of life, due to fears of possible pain experienced. Some of the bad habits inhibiting your mobility and other areas of your life have become conscious patterns in your life, and others are patterns which you don’t even realize are interfering with your coordination and movements.

Developing Control of Your Actions

After practicing the Alexander Technique for a while you’ll develop more control of actions and subsequent reactions. This will increase your ability to function more correctly and without the pain that comes from excessive tension and stress.

Athletes, dancers and others who depend on exact body movements to achieve their passions study the Alexander Technique to gain speed and coordination. These disciplines benefit greatly from this conscious mind technique for the reduction of pain and stress associated with incorrect posture and body movements, especially the highest levels of competition.

The Alexander Technique can show you how to benefit your life through conscious awareness of movements. It is a technique that doesn’t require hands on manipulation.

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Wishing You Wholeness


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