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I'm a Psychic Empath and I Sense Rude People (1): An Intro Podcast

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

General transcript to podcast, with some variations

Introduction to the end rudeness project of I Sense Rude People

This project is about rudeness in our society. It is about identifying it, preventing it and if necessary addressing those responsible for being rude to the point where overall peace and harmony are disrupted. One important word of warning: I do not suggest anyone put themselves in danger by confronting a person or persons who may become aggressive or violent. I ask we all use common sense and our gut instinct and dealing with any issues of rude incidents.

Have you noticed after all the years of human existence, the advent of modern technologies and the reach of social media that we still have the same old problems of broken hearts, jealousy, and strange viruses and even the common cold? We are humans in an ever-crowded world. Chances are we are going to get in each other’s way. There are rules, codes, and guidelines to use to keep society a place of law, order and peace. This is the ideal and not necessarily the reality some of the time. Etiquette, protocol and manners have been discussed throughout our known history. But sometimes people are not using courtesy, manners and common sense because it is much to easy to forget when we are in a busy, less than mindful routine.

Unfortunately, sometimes someone has to endure personal trauma to make significant changes for the betterment of their lives. In fact, for some, it may take several traumatic events and disappointing experiences, while others will never truly awaken to the compassion and common sense they can truly experience and share. Sometimes they need to hear the words “NO” or what isn’t working about what they are doing. As much as I maintain my empathy and empathic abilities, I also know that in order to create effective change, direct honesty, always with respect, is the way to go.

I wrote this book because I was irritated at how rude people can be. I also so saw how unnecessary rudeness can be and wanted to call it out in a both effective and sometimes humorous way. As the book title says, I am a Sensitive/Psychic Empath (I will use the empath from here on). My specific predominant psychic ability is as an Intuitive Empath. I don't see dead people often, but I do see rude people.

I also have a background in psychology and research and Interior Design.

I have seen thousands of clients as a counselor, speaker, academic/business advisor and intuitive consultant. In my observations, I see individuals and groups in everyday life doing things that are just plain rude and hence, dumb. Behaviors that can be easily changed, avoided and tweaked to make life a whole lot happier for all. I have taken on the quest to bring manners back to help those who are dealing with rude people know they are not alone in their frustration and have the desire for a better way. This is also for those who are being rude to know, what they are doing is not acceptable and will not always be tolerated and can even have adverse consequences.

Why can there be adverse consequences? When there is a lack of manners, lack of courtesy, and lack of common sense, the fabric of our structure begins to break down and chaos takes over. The behaviors range from innocent absent-mindedness to extremely rude unhealthy and even cruel and dangerous behavior. See the chart below.

I’m sure you’ll relate to some of these rude/dumb behaviors from the receiver’s perspective, even be a little guilty of some of these acts or observed it done to others. My goal and expectation is to create awareness and an awakening to simple adjustments that can and will make life better for all.

I was raised to be polite. Very polite. Too polite. So though I didn’t have official etiquette training as you would see in Emily Post’s Etiquette, it was crucial in my upbringing not only be polite but not be rude. But that had a VERY dark side to it. One I had to learn to reverse and understand. This is how I created healthy boundaries and instruct others do the same. I discuss this in detail I my memoir Oddball.

Sometimes we can lose balance and be angry with the world and turn plain old rude, nasty and bitchy. I see it all the time with the thousands of clients I’ve advised. They are in pain from unhealed past trauma and that comes out as anger later in life for some. In my case I had a chronic case of too nice complex and which was unbalance. But with much work, decades in fact, and my empathic abilities balance is something I always strive for.

The reason for me sharing this is because with proper manners we do create those well needed boundaries to keep us in a balanced and healthy way. And there are times we need to skip the traditional “polite” rules to create and maintain those healthy boundaries. A very delicate line indeed. With agreement to participate in common sense, some effort, desire and good dose of intuition we can achieve this as a society.

For this project, I call the rude behaviors as Oh No You Didn’t moments. I also created a scale below for give an idea as to when a behavior is an innocent faux pas or extremely rude and even violent behavior. Use it with a grain of humor.

Wishing You Wholeness


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