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5 Empowering Wake-up Rituals (Whenever That Is)

Wake up Better

5 Empowering Wake-up Rituals (Whenever That Is)

It is not always easy to come up with new Wake-up rituals that will empower you each day so here we have 5 ideas for you that have been proven to achieve good results for others. I encourage you to consider all of these ideas and then choose the ones that you believe will work best for you.

1. Mindfulness Meditation

Do you wake up with what seems to be a million different thoughts swirling around in your head? If you do, then don’t worry as this is a pretty common experience with today’s fast-paced living.

The problem with this is that these thoughts can overwhelm you and cause your stress levels to elevate and that’s not good. You need to bring calm to your being and get into the moment. Practicing mindfulness meditation will ground you in the moment and provide you with the clarity that you need.

It is not difficult to learn how to practice mindfulness meditation. There are many videos on how to do this on YouTube for example. You will be surprised at how quickly you can master mindfulness meditation and then use it every Wake-up to your advantage.

2. Gentle Exercise

You must get your body moving when you wake-up. Gentle exercise will help to get your heart pumping and improve your circulation. Simple exercises such as stretches can really make a big difference to your health.

Walking is another great form of gentle exercise that has many benefits. Get up earlier in the Wake-up and take a walk. Something that anyone can do is breathing exercises. Go online and find the right exercises for you to do in the Wake-up.

3. Gratitude

Expressing your gratitude for the things that you have in your life every day is a very powerful thing to do. It will really set you up for the day. Most people overlook the power that expressing gratitude brings and we strongly recommend that you include this in your new empowering Wake-up ritual.

It is a good idea to make 3 different gratitude statements when you wake-up. Think of the people in your life that you are grateful for. If you have a job at the moment then show gratitude for this even if it is not the best job in the world. It helps you put food on the table. Something as simple and so necessary as shelter, water or the air you breathe is an extremely powerful way to show gratitude.

Be grateful that you have another day to enjoy and make a difference with. Look around you and be grateful for the things that you have in your life. Express gratitude for your health and your mental well-being.

4. Exercise your Mind

Your mental health is as important as your physical health. So, we recommend that you do something each day when you wake up to exercise your mind. Make a commitment to learn something new every day for example.

There are puzzles, articles, etc., that you can find online to exercise your mind. Starting the day off with a challenge like this is very empowering. Read a book that will give you a different perspective on life or watch a video on YouTube that will teach you how to do something new.

5. Start and Maintain a Journal

If you do not currently use a journal to record all of your ideas and thoughts then the time to start is now. You can use a cheap spiral notepad to get started or a special dedicated one to make it sacred. Write your goals, WHY statement and daily tasks in your journal.

Make a journal entry as much as you can. Write down what you want to achieve for the day for example. You can use your journal for your expressions of gratitude as well.

Wishing You Wholeness


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