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About Trauma, Stress, PTSD, Anxiety and Pain: Getting Better Sleep for Healing

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Design Your Life with Beauty--Find Your Sleep Sweet Spot for Better Sleep

You can heal trauma, pain stress, anxiety with better sleep
Heal Trauma, Pain, Stress, Pain with Better Sleep

About Trauma

This is a series of posts and information dedicated to how trauma and traumatic events affect your life and how sleep is crucial to healing. It takes you on the journey to the process of prioritizing the process of rest and sleep to promote fuller healing. These will address the sleep issues connected to trauma and helps untangle the convoluted mess that happens when sleep and trauma intersect. Are you ready to join? Let’s go…

The way to healing trauma does exist. It always has but we have to find it and sometimes IT finds YOU. Your task is to choose to take the path, give it a chance and never give up.

Trauma is very complicated. There is a lot of information I will provide in other posts, books, and via resources you can access, to provide you with as many answers as possible. For now, I’ll be very basic and go over how trauma and sleep are related and interconnected.

There are many reasons you can’t sleep. Insomnia, the most common sleep problem can have a simple and temporary cause. But there is insomnia that is more complicated and chronic with its cause difficult to figure out. These are cases where the inability to sleep is caused by the effects of trauma.

What is Trauma?

What the trauma is, when it occurred or if there was more than one traumatic event depends on individual circumstances. A traumatic event may have occurred to you as a child or at any point in your life. Sometimes we don’t fully remember the particular event or may have several or ongoing trauma. Often you try to move on from it without healing it first. But trauma doesn’t work like that. It festers and spreads to other parts of our lives unless we fully heal it.

There are different types of experiences that cause trauma. To make things even more puzzling, trauma can affect us in many ways and some of those ways are not obvious. For example, you may have problems with public speaking and may not realize it was from a bad experience you may have had as a child where you felt embarrassed, made fun of, shamed, or punished somehow.

Whatever the cause trauma is an extreme, deep, frightening, injurious event that you experienced. It could be physical, mental, emotional/spiritual or all of these.

I provide more information on the report available in my site and future posts and podcasts.

The Effects of Trauma

Trauma can lead to many other debilitating conditions that affect us and our ability to sleep. This is often because in too many cases healing doesn’t often fully occur or even becomes impossible for some people. Does this feel familiar? Sometimes we don’t realize that a trauma that happened 20 years ago can be affecting you today and the connection was never made. I have seen this over and over again where a little digging leads to connections that can be aha moments in understanding any connection.

Trauma affects millions of people and it takes time to heal. You can’t rush the healing and just get over it, especially if it wasn’t processed and treated properly in the first place. This is the sad truth for so many of us today in the world.

Unhealed Trauma can lead to many conditions that cause us further harm and makes it harder to heal. These include:

1. Chronic Inflammation

2. Ongoing Chronic Pain

3. Depression

4. Chronic stress and anxiety

5. PTSD/Panic attacks

6. Autoimmune over-activation (lupus, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease)

7. Other diseases and conditions, e.g. high blood pressure, cancers, diabetes, and too many to name here but equally important.

Healing trauma and all its effects take time, patience, and different a holistic treatment plan and this includes adding better sleep as a goal.

What about sleep disorders are they caused by trauma or does trauma cause sleep issues?

One of the ways our body, mind and spirit heal is to sleep deeply, soundly and enough. Sleeping is difficult if not impossible when you are in pain, anxious, and feeling panic.

  • How do you break the cycle and find a way to sleep enough so that sleep can do its work and promote healing along with the proper treatments for you?

  • How do you discover whether you have a sleeping disorder, issue or condition and how to treat it for better sleep?

Sleep, in general, helps every aspect of our lives. Now we are starting to realize this. Improving and prioritizing our sleep can help heal all kinds of conditions and illnesses as well as make waking life one of balance.

When you are ready to engage in your healing journey include the right sleep routine customized specifically for your needs. This allows you to gently but surely improve your sleep, making your sleep cycles more restorative and even incvisitor'srease remembering dreams.

Remembering and working with dreams provides additional healing. The Sleep Sweet Spot routine does just that. It is customized for you, it’s simple but not necessarily easy because it takes practice and commitment.

You’re not a permanent victim of the trauma, but you were traumatized and deserve the care that provides healing. There is no right or wrong way to start your healing journey. It’s never too late, not even on your deathbed.

You may have tried other ways to deal with trauma like ignoring it, crying a little and trying to be strong, staying too busy, taking meds only (without additional support), or self-medicating, praying for relief, or traditional therapy, etc. but are still suffering. In fact, the trauma may have led to the complication of the additional dis-eases mentioned above.

What does this mean?

This means it is time to heal fully.

It may be time to try a holistic technique, perhaps a more comprehensive plan. Download the complimentary for my visitors form, the Trauma Assessment Form and see how you are coping with Trauma. Is it healing or delaying or even causing more problems.?

Some individuals need to revisit the trauma to heal it properly. Many alternative healing techniques like shamanic journeying or hypnosis use techniques to find parts of us lost because of trauma and return to us and make us whole again.

You've already started your read by reading this, downloading the assessment form and taking yourself seriously. Next, let's explore on the effects and how the right sleep routine can promote the healing you need.

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Sleep/Dream Question and Answer: Ask via comments if you have any questions.

Wishing You Wholeness

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