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Beauty Heals Pain Self-Care by This is Diana

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

What do you most want if you suffer from relentless , stress, trauma symptoms and pain?

Relief! And…to know the cause, effective treatment and permanent cure.

Pain depletes your vital energy

It negatively affects your ability to move, your ability to care for yourself fully, the ability to care for others, your ability to work, the ability to sleep, your ability to enjoy your life, to enjoy your family, and friends.

It also lowers your emotional and spiritual well-being, can cause depression and other emotional distress. Trying the typical remedies can leave you feeling hopeless when you see it is not providing enough relief to even think clearly. From the top of our head to the tip of our toes, should we be lucky enough to be physically whole, we can have pain anywhere in our physical, emotional and spiritual system. Acute pain is pain caused by a particular incident that usually resolves within a period of time. When it does, we can safely say we have healed.

When pain turns into chronic pain and continues for extended periods of times (including as long as one’s lifetime), we want to know what is happening and how find relief and healing. But we’ve been doing it all wrong. If we weren’t, wouldn’t we found a way of ending chronic pain and stress already? 

These are some suggested requirements when entering a contract with one’s self to find pain and stress relief:

We need to re-learn how to listen to our bodies and various needs again.

We need to be ready, willing and able to find the right customized treatment.

We need a comprehensive plan of action (more below).We must be our own advocate.

We have to become experimenters (with the proper, safe, guidance).

We need discernment to determine what is a truly potential, time-tested option versus, a scam, for pure profit “quick fix”, and unnecessarily risky option.

We need space and places for treatment (including privacy).

We need a trusted support system.

In summary, we need to take care of ourselves by Using Beauty to Heal Pain via Power-Self-Care.

Beauty Heals Pain--Power Self-Care is about something we forgot to do: that is listen to our body, mind and spiritual needs. It consists of actionable, conventional and unconventional tools and techniques, including using beauty to relieve chronic pain and stress (Beauty for Pain).

You can use these tips anytime, anywhere and are customized specifically for anyone suffering from chronic stress and pain. This can be any of the following: general mindfulness, conscious breathing, water, shelter and rest, addressing family, financial, professional, social and spiritual issues that are causing chronic distress.  This includes consciously establishing new and healthy habits of self-care while working on eliminating unhealthy ones with a specific plan.

Chronic pain and stress is pain and stress that does not go away.  With Chronic pain, the pain and trauma signals continue for weeks, months, and years after the original cause has occurred. The pain varies in intensity and location. The pain can be emotional and equally, if not more severe, than physical pain. Chronic pain often interferes with quality of life in very important ways as stated above. It is also interconnected in many ways. One area of your life spills over into another. For example, the pain causes sleep loss which lowers your immune system which can lead to other compound infections and illnesses. This doesn't have to continue. There is hope and there are options.

Pain and stress are going to happen, but with the right tools and options,

you can live again!


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