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Designing, De-cluttering, and Organizing and How I Got Here—A Place Called Home: Part 1

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Designing and Decluttering

Even as a child I knew what spaces were safe, clean, and attractive. Perhaps it was the fact that I’m an empath or the law of learning through opposites at work. When I worked in a gourmet food store as a teenager I was also fascinated on how the work environment worked and how it can be improved for employees. I was so interested I studied it in college and graduate school. Hence home and work spaces and environment and place was always of interest to me.

In my study of Feng Shui, writing my previous books and certification in Interior Design, I am passionately sharing what I know and continue to discover. I find it amazing and exciting how the use of our creativity can fundamentally change the feeling and function of a space. The more we put ourselves into our space, the more we can go there to feel grounded, safe, centered, energetic and alive. Here specifically I invite you to think about your place in your environment at any given time. What is your unique story? What do you want to improve and create and beautify?

If organizing and decluttering is the first step after making your assessment then begin there. Choose the literature, strategy, style, and plan that works for your needs. Below is an idea of how to begin a home organization project. It’s a starting point. There are attractive and creative ideas many people share in their blogs and websites. Ideas can be super affordable or free to luxurious depending on what where you are at any given moment. Moving forward one step at a time is the key to enjoyment of your space at any given time.

“Balance provides the chance for longevity. You can be a champion at work and at home.” —Tony Dungy

What does home mean to you?


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