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Zen Habits Anyone Can Do #3 of 5: Your Surroundings, The Zen Series

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Design Your Life with Beauty--For You, Your home, Your Environment

As someone who experiences chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety and is affected by the worrisome events happening now I have had to put into practice what I learned, and researched for the past two decades, I share it with you here in a five part series.

What is Zen? (A reminder)

Zen originates from the tranquil practices of Buddhism. The general idea of achieving Zen or peace in life is to simplify and tone down the stress and distractions that may pop up. Here is the second out of five very basic yet effective Zen habits to adapt to a calmer, more relaxed lifestyle.

Understand Your Area

The word cleaning may irritate you, as you immediately flash back to spring cleaning the gutters and emptying the closets. This doesn’t have to be the case for you though. The reason Zen tips will always tell you to clean out your room or your favorite area is because you need to feel comfortable in the area you’re in.

Sometimes to feel comfortable where you are, you may not want it spick and span. Some people may enjoy the clutter in front of them, with a full shelf of decorations, pictures, books, whatever puts you at ease.

Some people do find that the clutter is choking, and things not in their proper place disturbs them. So if that’s the case, then it’d be better to keep that room spotless. So whichever works for you, make sure it happens.

Once you have surroundings catered to your satisfaction, you’ll find it easier to relax in these places. An area you can relax in can also prove a perfect spot for meditation and quiet time.

Find Your Happy Place

It doesn’t have to be the whole house that you clean, although that could prove much more satisfying, it can simply be your room. Where ever you feel you spend the most time, organize those rooms to your pleasure.

When it comes to this, nobody can tell you how to do this exactly. All you need to do is feel happy in the areas you spend most of your time and yes, this does include your office space. No matter what job you work in, you must make yourself feel a little welcome.

Find friends if you have a part-time job, modify your desktop if you have a cubicle job. Relax yourself, making sure that the area you work in is an area that suits you.

Others may find that the only place they can really feel happy is outside. If that’s so, then you can make a workplace in your yard or balcony. If you have neither, then make sure that every day you can make time to go outdoors and smell the roses. You should be happiest once a day, every day.

Make Way for New Things

While you fix up the state of your home, you should try to fit in new items that can aid you in your journey to finding serenity. Place a yoga mat in the center of your room or by a window, so you can have long sessions of calming meditation in the morning.

Have your favorite soothing playlist on your speakers all the time so you have music to unwind to after a long day. Keep an open space for yourself in your home at all times so whenever you feel the need to let out your energy you can.

Anything that didn’t fit before can fit now after you clean up. It always feels better to finish projects and accomplish deserted aspirations. It takes a weight off of your shoulders which helps to ease the mind. It’s better than having a nagging sensation clawing at you for not doing certain things in life.

Clear out all of your old things that you don’t want or need anymore. At first, it may seem hard to let go of your possessions, but try to think of it with a new approach. Instead of getting rid of sentiment, you are making way for new memories and experiences by getting rid of the old objects taking up that optional space. They have to go, otherwise, no change will be allowed to take place.

Not to confuse it with hoarding, new hobbies and habits invite opportunity, new friends, books, clothes. They all can spruce up your life in tiny parts to create an exciting environment welcoming to you.

Wishing You Wholeness


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