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Embrace Yourself and Reduce Stress to Slow Down Aging

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Don't Let Stress Age You and Ruin Your Sleep

Age Me Better and Sleep Series

Stress is the killer of youth and sleep

Have you ever heard a well-meaning person tell you to stop frowning or making a face because it will cause wrinkles? Well, there is some truth to that, though there are other aspects that can be just as important to consider. Why exactly are you frowning and making faces that someone is concerned will cause wrinkles? The answer to that is more than likely “stress.”

All of us encounter stress on a regular basis. It's important to know how to cope with our stressors and reduce them as much as possible. Stress is a slow killer this is literal truth, hence it isn’t just in the wrinkles.

When we go through stressful and traumatic experiences, it can cause negative impacts on our bodies including the inability to sleep which further creates a vicious cycle. We can be impacted to the point that we are prone to developing all kinds of conditions, from grey hairs to cancer. Extreme fear and stress can have huge impacts.

When we are living with constant stress, it can actually begin to change our DNA in a way that shortens telomeres, which is a complicated way of saying that we are speeding up our cellular aging. It makes our inner structures more fragile and our ability to produce strong and vital DNA strands. Instead, they are more vulnerable and they have a tendency to get old and die at a lot higher rate.

Stressing out is a major issue that goes beyond grey hairs and stress wrinkles. It’s so important to think about the things that cause us stress so that we can begin addressing them. YOU DO HAVE THE POWER! We are often feeling pressure to be perfect; to look and present ourselves a certain way and we can easily begin to focus on things that are imperfect about ourselves and cause ourselves even more stress than is necessary.

Embracing who you are and where you are at is so important.

You are the person who most needs to be in your own corner. You should not be making your own life harder on yourself if you can help it. Instead of fixating on your faults and your flaws, think about the things that you are good at and the things that make you happy. Instead of feeling like a failure when you aren’t where you want to be, instead, see every opportunity to grow and get better at something that was once challenging to you.

None of us are perfect and life can be overwhelming and hectic. Sometimes the most important thing we can do is to slow down and get things figured out for ourselves. We need to be able to embrace our journeys and be okay with where we are at and know that every single day we are doing whatever is in our power to do better and keep trying.

When we give in to the stress and don’t learn to identify what our stressors are and ways to accept our situations, we are harming ourselves. Instead, embrace the beautiful human that and who you are and just breathe!

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Wishing You Wholeness


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