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Love Your Home: Creating Your Own Sanctuary No Matter What

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Design Your Life with Beauty--For You, Your home, Your Environment

Home as Your Sanctuary

Do you have fantasies about where you’d like to live someday? Maybe it’s a beautiful little seaside town in the south of France or a log home in the mountains of Denver. Fortunately, you can have a bit of your dream right now, where you live today, without uprooting your life!

Although it’s important to strive toward making your dreams a reality, you’ll live a happier existence in the meantime if you work to create your own paradise wherever you live. Trust me no one knows this more than me. I've had to live among noise and all kinds of issues where I live. I had to learn how to make my home livable and my sanctuary. Now I help you do the same.

A peaceful, safe, clean home is conducive to sleep. Sleep is an absolutely essential need for your overall health and wellness. Use the following ideas to make your living space a home.

Try some of these ideas to ensure you’re living your best life in the here-and-now:

1. Accept where you’re living

Whether you’re in a one-bedroom apartment or your great aunt’s condo downtown, for now, you’re calling it home. This is your own bit of paradise for today. Tell yourself that you’re okay living where you live because it’s simply a stepping stone that will lead you to the place you want to eventually be. 2. Set the mood

Do you wish to lift your spirits and energy level when you walk in the door? If so, decorate with brighter colored textiles in furniture, upholstery, and curtains. Have splashes of vivid art on the walls.

If you prefer to set a calm and tranquil tone in your own little heaven, use calmer colors like sage greens, beige, and mocha to present a more serene picture when you enter the room. No matter where you live, you can set the mood you want most by painting your walls and using evocative colors.

3. Consider options for your comfort

Do you want different furniture pieces to make your space fit you better or be more comfortable? Maybe you need a more efficient desk to sit at when you’re working at home. Perhaps different lighting fixtures would help.

The key to creating your sanctuary is to set up each room exactly how you want it. This can be done on a budget, too. You don’t have to invest a fortune to create the look and feel that you desire. Consignment shops and thrift stores can be great sources for inexpensive items for your new look.

4. Learn to love the home you have

Find specific aspects of your space that bring you joy and contentment. Maybe it’s the way the sun streams in the east window of the kitchen in the mornings. Or perhaps you enjoy the open layout between the kitchen, dining, and living room areas. Notice and take full advantage of what you do like about your home.

5. Check out design websites, apps, and books for décor and design ideas.

Look for inspiration such as furniture arrangement, carefully placed treasures, wall colors, and use of textiles to obtain the look and feel you want. Recognize that regardless of the size and location of your home, there are countless ways to alter it to suit your tastes and introduce the qualities you want.

Bonus: Work with a designer to get a professional's perspective on your creative ideas.

Show some love to yourself and your home by creating a sanctuary right where you live now. With just a few simple changes and a fresh perspective, you can have your own paradise no matter where you live!

There is much more information you can use, subscribe below and let's get started.

Wishing You Wholeness


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