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Sleep and Dreams- 18 Solid Reasons We Need More

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Is Sleep Optional?

The answer is no. It is as necessary as food, water, air, and shelter. So what happened to our society that it believes it's a hindrance instead of a need that ought to be honored? Years, and decades of bad conditioning. Now however, we need to wake up.

If you want to be truly productive (and we need to define what this means by the way), then we need to have the energy to do so. Sleep is one of the ways to gain life force energy.

What about Dreams?

If people think sleep isn't that important they believe that dreams are even less important. That they are just mental noise and even bothersome. Those who don't remember their dreams and claim they don't dream at all do it with almost a sense of pride not realizing everyone alive does dream and go through stages of sleep that produce dreams, whether they are remembered or not.

We need sleep to dream and dream to clean our brains

There are many reasons why we need sleep. Not just sleep but good, quality, restorative sleep. That means enough sleep that you get to the various sleep stages of sleep that provide different healing and renewing rest. But dreams? Oh dreams have more meaning than we realized. Now, we are re-awakening to this wondrous process. But as far as biological and physical benefits, one of them, and an incredibly important one is that much of the brain and body cleaning occurs while we dream.

The body acquires all kinds of toxins just as a matter of being alive and in the world. These poisons have to be removed to prevent disease, damage and injury. We also renew, restore, heal, and increase our vital energy through this cleaning process. During sleep, deep sleep and when we dream the degree of cleaning and healing is at its maximum. So I'd say, yes we need to sleep and dreams.

The Damage from Poor Sleep is Cumulative

The reason so many people don't realize how crucial sleep is is simply because its importance isn't always obvious. The damage accumulates slowly and consistently. What happens is that when we reach the point when we do realize how important sleep is, much of the damage is done.

Poor sleep for whatever reason can lead to any of the following and more:

  1. Obesity in adults and children

  2. Diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance

  3. Cardiovascular disease and hypertension

  4. Anxiety symptoms

  5. Depressed mood

  6. Increase Alcohol use

  7. Excessive Sleepiness

  8. Premature Aging

  9. Chronic Fatigue

  10. Increased risk of Alzheimer’s

  11. Increased risk of Parkinson’s

  12. Inability to heal from illness and injuries.

  13. Cancer

  14. Heart Attacks

  15. Unhealthy Relationships

  16. Increase the chance of Injury

  17. Mood In-balance

  18. Mistakes and Impaired Cognition


“There is no hope for a civilization which starts each day to the sound

of an alarm clock.” – Anonymous

It's Never Too Late to Sleep Better

Time to Re-learn and remove the outdated and unhealthy information about sleep. Oh and there is a lot of false, misinformation, and just ignorance about sleep and dreams. You've already taken the first step by reading this.


  • Assess your current sleep situation

  • Find what your specific and unique sleep cycle is

  • Start creating a sleep plan that works for you

  • Create a wake-up plan that works to get you through your waking hours in the best, most vital and healthy way

  • Find the connection among food, movement, your environment, stress levels, life's work, and social connections

  • Create habits and boundaries that promote your most balanced sleep/wake schedule

  • Start working with your dreams for incredible insights into your mind, body and soul.

  • Prepare to awaken spiritually.

My immediate advice is, that it's never too late but the best time is now to find what I call Your Sleep Sweet Spot.

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Wishing You Wholeness

Diana Navarro, Empath, with Non-24 Industrial/Organizational Psychology,

~Certified Sleep Science Coach,

~Interior Designer, Dip.Int.Des.

~Certified in Content Management

~Feng Shui Consultant


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