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What Does Sleep My Sleep book Have to do with Trauma, Health, or Being Spiritual?

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

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What Does Sleep My Sleep book Have to do with Trauma, Health, or Being Spiritual?

In case you are wondering like quite a few folks have asked me, here is the answer, below in the infographic. This is the anchor or reference point to much of my work so you may see it in a few places.

You probably know that I used to do many intuitive readings but don't promote them much anymore. I still do them, very selectively. But no more tarot reading parties for this empath--those knocked me out for days, I've learned my lesson this was draining, dangerous and exhausting. I find sharing information through my writing, courses, products, and coaching much more beneficial for everyone.

So writing the book about sleep-- this magical necessity--is a great way to start explaining the connections among trauma, health, wellness, healing, dreams, and spiritual awakening. Sleeping isn't optional or recreation, it's an absolute must, especially if you need to heal from trauma.


None of us are beyond one or more traumatic event that can and will change our lives. I beg you, don't wait until it happens to start to understand what trauma is, how it affects you, learn to move through it, and heal as fully as possible. But if you do, it's never too late. Sleep and dreams are how we restore and heal. After my "dark night" and spiritual opening, it was through my sleep and dreams that much of the healing and information came through--still does.

The book is available now.: Your Sleep Sweet Spot©

Have You Experienced Trauma and How Do You know? Try this Free Assessment Tool

I talk about trauma because it's important. We have a lot of wounded souls that need healing. You can't always know someone is experiencing the effects of trauma. Many of us have become experts and are looking strong but we all need support and healing. Are you one of them?

Go download a free copy of the Trauma Assessment Form


Fun Disclosure: A huge reason for writing the book on sleep is because I will slowly disclose and connect how we get incredible guidance from our sleep via our dreams. in addition to the dozens or reasons sleep is essential provides.

In the book You're Not Crazy It's Paranormal! I described spiritual awakening after trauma and transformational experiences,. Sleep and dreams in pivotal in many cases. In my specific case, I began to have incredibly lucid dreams. I've held on to them until now where I share them as storytelling accounts. I do encourage anyone interested to work with their own dreams and see what wonders of awakening await you when you enter dreamscapes.

TID Design

You may also know I design I do it in conjunction to sleep and dream work. It's all for one purpose, to soothe or energize the senses accordingly. I use my empathic abilities as well as my interior design and psychology background to provide you with the tools for a restorative sanctuary, regardless of the chaos around you. Think about this question: What does your space say about you, your health and your life purpose?

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Wishing You Wholeness

Diana Navarro, Empath, Industrial/Organizational Psychology,

Certified Sleep Science Coach,

Interior Designer, Dip.Int.Des.

Certified in Content Management

Feng Shui Consultant


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