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Why Can't I Sleep?: This is Why We Need to Re-Learn How to Sleep

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

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Don't Suffer, Sleep Better and leave those sheep along

Why don’t we know how to sleep, a basic function?

I did research years ago to find out why I was so sleepy all the time and why my sleep schedule was so strange. Well, I opened up a can of sheep, sheep that people were trying to count to go to sleep.

It turns out most people know very little about sleep. According to recent studies and polls, too many people simply don't know the what, why, how and where's about sleep, This makes sense because of the number of questions people ask about sleep.

So, what’s going on? Sleep is like breathing, right? A natural function? Well, not so fast. I don’t think people are really breathing properly either…all due to social conditioning, stress, trauma, PTSD, panic, and a desperate need to be distracted from being present and aware.

It’s not all our fault that we were conditioned to think sleep isn’t important and are not in general, healing properly from injuries, trauma, and wounds. Before, we didn't have all the information we needed to make healthy decisions about sleep and health. But not anymore, now we are responsible and have no excuses for not educating ourselves about sleep. For our own health and wellness, we need to know that good, sound, deep, restorative sleep is absolutely necessary and essential to the health of every part of our lives.

No, You Can’t Skip Sleep or Use Tricks to Make it Up

Some people say:

  • But I need to work,

  • I need take care of my kids, partner, friends, neighbors, and strangers, (everyone but me)

  • I have too many problems to sleep

  • I need to deal with X, Y, Z..., B, C, and everything else but sleep because it's just not a priority

  • I need to be productive even if I don't know what that really means.

Then they ask:

  • How can skip sleep and still have energy?

  • How can I sleep less and be alert?

  • How can I sleep less and not clumsy, depressed, or moody?

  • How can I fall asleep immediately?

  • Why am I having sleep paralysis?

  • Why am I having nightmares?

  • Why can’t I sleep well?

The answer to many of the questions is, that we need to treat sleep with respect.

Give yourself the proper time and space to actually sleep if you want to be as productive as you claim to want to be.

When I was looking for answers as to why I was sleepy all the time, there weren’t any at that time that helped me. The advice out there would just suggest to practice proper sleep hygiene a term I detest because it doesn’t really make any sense if we are speaking of a proper sleep routine.

The good news is that we can learn to sleep better and it’s a pleasure to do. Life is so much better, healthier, and happier when we sleep the best for each of our needs.

It took quite a few years but I finally learned why I was suffering from sleep issues. I have what is now known as excessive sleepiness because of a different circadian rhythm known as Sighted non-24. Once I understood this, I could then see what options or solutions I could try to feel whole again.

In the course of searching for a solution to my sleep issue, I came across tons of sleep issues, problems and disorders people were suffering from. This is the key, I found that most of the time there wasn’t a suitable solution offered, so people still couldn’t sleep well and consequently live well.

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Options and Solutions for Sleep Anyone?

My offer: There is a way via creating customized sleep routines that work specifically for you to find your sweet sleep spot.

It was intimidating but I decided to share what I know about sleep and dreams and include what isn’t out there at all, or enough. I take a step further and offer an option of finally finding a source of improved sleep/dream life. That is a way of finding Your Sweet Sleep Spot via customized sleep rituals.

Let’s keep asking and answering questions about sleep and dreams

Let’s take sleep seriously and realize how it’s connected to every single area of your life

Let’s relearn how to sleep so we can sleep better.

Wishing You Wholeness


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