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Your Purpose Sweet Spot Course is HERE

For you if you are ready, willing and able to your true life purpose, calling and path. If you are ready to stop barely making it through each day to living your true desires (and make more money!)…

Go From “Making It Through Another Day” to Living Out Your Soul’s True Purpose–and Making Bank!

Ready to ditch self-doubt and step into the big role you were always meant to play?

You’re reading this because you know you’re destined for more.

You don’t just want to survive, to get by, or to “do okay” in your life or work. You want to wake up every single day over-the-moon excited to connect with yourself, loved ones, clients, community and your space.

You want to play and have fun and do you (and get paid for it, too!) and leave your days of “hustling and grinding” behind, for good.And yet…something’s way off.

Tell me if this sounds painfully familiar:

  • You go to work, start your day or got into business doing something you’re good at, but you (not-so) deep down know it’s not your true calling (and it hurts to continue to pretend)

  • Your day is packed with To Dos and tasks you “should” or “need” to do, and next-to-nothing you want to do– You’re slowly growing resentful with life the way it is.

  • You procrastinate on all the things, from stepping outside calling, emailing your list to following-up with even the hottest leads

  • You’re not making money, making a little money–or even a LOT of money–but it seems like no amount of dollar signs is actually enough to make your work feel worth it

  • You don’t want to scale, to “grow” or to “hit your next level”– because you don’t even want to be doing what you’re doing right now!

  • And maybe worst of all, you know there are lots of other people out there living out their purposes, but you sometimes doubt that it’s even possible for you

(Okay, and actually worst of all, you’ve even contemplated going or staying in an every day, struggling, boring, stressful back to a regular day and night Eek.)Real talk: If your current life feels uninspiring and stagnant…

If you know you’re meant for bigger things and yet you’re burning out instead of glowing up…

And you know your soul is calling you to a deeper purpose, but you just can’t see how you can go from here to there…

You’re in the right place.

And? It doesn’t have to be this way. Regardless of your circumstances, age, health, fear, lack of skills, contacts in the community or any other reason you believe is stopping you.

Whether you’re deep-in-your-bones-sure of your purpose or have an inkling but just can’t convey it out loud, you CAN get into alignment with your purpose, step into your true calling and start making more money with incredible ease, starting…right now.

Discovering What You’re Truly Here to Do–and Getting Paid Gorgeously for It–Has Never Been Easier!


Pull up your cute gold desk chair and let’s chat. It’s radical honesty time, friend. Tell me: Why did you want to fundamentally change your life?

No, really. Why did you pour copious time, energy and moolah into becoming your own life boss?

Was it because somebody else (even well-meaning family members, friends, colleagues, therapists, etc.) suggested it?

Or because it seemed ‘easy enough’? The practical choice? Or like a quick way to get by in life while you figured out how to make your real dream a reality?

Or did you do it because it was THE thing you’ve always wanted to do, deep in your heart? I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess it WASN’T that last one.

But if you relate to any of this, you’re not alone. Lots of people did exactly the same thing.

It makes sense. We are often told by those around us, especially when we work or care for others or in general tell us to think about other people–not our own purpose–first. We’re asked questions like: “Well, what problems can you solve for others?”

“What do others tell you you’re so good at (and ignoring what we feel)?”

“What can you already do that people are willing to pay for?”

Don’t get me wrong: It’s important, even crucial to help others–and it’s fantastic to think about how you can serve others with your life. But if you chose the path of least resistance or simply capitalized on a natural-born skill you don’t really love, well, I’ve got some not-so-good news:

Over time, living you’re a life that doesn’t truly light you up will drain you in every way, and your spirit right into the freakin’ ground. Maybe you’ll burn out or get sick.

Maybe what was working will suddenly stop and will dry up.

Maybe you’ll feel so unmotivated & so over it all you won’t be able to do anything but binge-watch on a streaming service or endlessly scroll in social media as your precious time passes you by.

(Not to be dramatic, but the consequences can be dire. To your health, your finances, your family.)

But I don’t have to tell you all that, do I?

If you're here, you already know you have major shifts to make in order to love your life–again, or for the first time. What you might not know is exactly how to go about shifting your current reality and stepping into your true calling in a tangible, practical, non-airy fairy way.

The good news is the fact that you’re here proves you’re ready to make a change.

(It’s really hard for some people–especially if they’re in their comfort zone–to admit that what they’re doing isn’t their true calling. So congratulations to you for that!)And you wanna hear the realest (and juiciest) truth of all?

You DESERVE to do what you truly love–not just something that gets you by or pays the bills!

And since you’re here now, you’re just a few not-so-magical but still very transformational shifts away from living a life more aligned, with more flow, ease and joy than you ever thought possible.(Not to mention, more money, more passion and a profound sense that you’re actually doing something meaningful with your one, precious life!)So, if you’re ready to ditch the self-doubt & safety nets and (finally) get into alignment with what your soul truly came here to do, I’m ready to guide you.


My Life Purpose Sweet Spot: A Step Closer to Finding Who You are and Why You are Here


This one-of-a-kind course includes practical, step-by-step guidance for you if you’re ready to return to your Life Purpose and ready to ditch the doubt & drama and step into your soul’s unique calling to make more cash with incredible ease and joy. You’ll learn how to:

✓   Get crystal-clear on exactly what’s draining you in your current life, work and business model–and then release it (or transmute it), for good

✓   Tune into, hear and trust your intuition & soul’s guidance (instead of brushing it off, ignoring it or telling yourself you’ll "get around to it later”)

✓   Get radically honest about what your soul is here to share (even if you’ve been scared to admit it or fuzzy about it up until now!)

✓   Heal the painful wounds, old programming and negative conditioning holding you back from living your true purpose

✓   Make small-yet-noticeable shifts every day to create a more soul-aligned business quickly & easily

✓   Magnetize what you truly desire in a way that feels safe to your nervous system, so it actually sticks & becomes your new normal

✓   And more including tons of resources you can use over and over again!

By the end, your business–and life–could look wildly different. (And–plot twist!–it might actually not look all that different on the outside, but I can promise it will feel 1000x better inside.)

Just imagine…

✓   Loving your life and how you serve and receive gifts in return, you can’t stop feeling the  joy  and satisfaction that comes with this

✓   Loving your work, products and services so much you can’t stop talking about (and promoting) them (and others are gobbling them up!)

✓   Adoring–and believing in–your community and circle of people in life including possible clients (instead of dreading opening your email inbox in case one of them decided to email you after 10 p.m. again)

✓   Feeling excited about showing up for your life every day – regardless of the results – because you love, trust and enjoy the process SO much

✓   Having delicious, and epic, everyday tiny and huge miracles and meaningful experiences.

✓   Living a life where everything just works–energy flows through you, money pours into your bank account, inquiries flood your inbox–and none of it requires anything sleazy, weird or inauthentic from you

… and so, so much more!

And if all of that isn’t enough, did I mention my course will literally pay for itself over and over again? Because you can use them any time you want, as long as you want. It’s true.

Not only because your new, aligned life will bring you loads of abundance in many ways (as following your heart often does). But because you don’t just “get into alignment” once and then you’re done.

We’re always evolving. And your desires will evolve over time, too. Your soul is expansive and will forever be calling you to grow and change and GO EVEN BIGGER.

And to stay in alignment, you’ll have to get honest and real and ditch the doubt about your next steps–over and over again. Yep, you’ll have to revisit this EXACT process.


But if you decide to invest in yourself today & nab this transformative training you’ll have the entire thing, anytime you need it. For life.

So what do you say to that? Join me for this epic training & let me teach you exactly how to get crystal clear on what your soul is here to do, work through the old beliefs keeping you stuck and make the practical moves and the necessary moves to transform your business into your purpose work. You don’t have to do it alone.

See you on the inside!


Wishing You Wholeness

The products and resources on the TID Holisitic Wellness Shop are created by me, Diana Navarro, M.S., to support this website's mission and existence. Please consider visiting it.

Diana Navarro and This Is Diana accepts no liability and/or responsibility for any actions and/or decisions any client/reader chooses to take or make based on his/her information provided here.


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