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Improving Your Career & Work with Feng Shui

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Feng Shui is the ancient art of placement.

According to this ancient and effective practice, moving certain objects in your environment affects you very directly positively or negatively.

Here is an opportunity to give this incredible philosophical and practical process a try.

Many people, too many, are incredibly unhappy in their careers and jobs. To gain clarity and ignite the fires of positive change, let’s concentrate on our career corner. Many careers are tied to our ultimate purpose during our lives. When combined, work CAN be play and life is enjoyable and livable; not just bearable. We will use the word “career” which will include profession, purpose and life’s work. Now, let’s give this a go.

Check our reliable bagua (photo above), and find your career area. As in any other area, you can have multiple career spaces. For example, you can have one in your office space and another in your home as a whole or within one of your rooms. As with your other areas you can have your career area in a small space like a desk. We will continue to emphasize that the point is the intent and energy you use within that space is what matters. You can usually find your career area on the “north” corner geographically speaking or your personal lower, middle/center spot of any of your spaces.

Once you’ve identified your career area, you can create and make adjustments that work for you. We can’t say it enough but the more creative you are and fun you have, the more enjoyable and effective it will be.

Use the our Bagua as a guide. Let’s review examples of what we can use.

You can place objects and use colors which are of various deep tones such as deep blue or black, in this space. The color white can indeed also be used as well as metal as a secondary element.

Items that symbolize what YOU identify as professional success and happiness which are balanced with the rest of your life are strongly recommended. Try to use what is for your highest and greater good and what is truly meant for you. Symbols like fish, seascapes can be placed here. Also, conditions and ideals that are of personal significance can be used. For instance, you can put on a piece of paper pictures or written words of ideal salary, working conditions, schedule style, travel or lack of it, etc.

Use general descriptions of qualities you want as well as values.

The element for this space is WATER. You can use a small water fountain or clear/white bowl of water in your corner too. Have fun and be creative.

As always remember not to let the North, South, East, West directions confuse you. You simply go by the bagua and the space you are in. Not the outside world. So for instance when you enter a room or are looking at a specific space, see yourself in the center of the map. In front is Recognition, reputation and fame, to your right in the upper corner is romantic relationship, to you right/center is family, right lower corner helpful people, etc.


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