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It's a SIN to Steal!

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Be Aware of thieves, scammers, cheaters, Liars!

Good economy, bad economy, to take something that does NOT belong to you is wrong at every level.

This applies to money, physical property, intellectual property, and stealing another person's romantic relationship who is involved with someone else.

What motivates anyone to take something that isn't inherently theirs, or they didn't earn? Greed, exhilaration of getting away with it, desperation? The answer is...who cares? Energy is energy and once someone knowingly takes something from someone else, that is sure to some how equal out one way or the other and in its own time.

Recently, I got an email from my bank saying there was a fraud alert. Well, sure enough someone got access to my checking debit card info and decided to help themselves to some gaming merchandise. This caused my card to be blocked for my protection but a huge inconvenience and most important, a sense of violation.

I ask again...who sits there and decides to happily use something that isn't theirs?

ATM Skimming is bigger than ever

Not too much longer after the above incident I got another bank alert ( I was fortunate to have a bank that does this) saying my balance was low. I check and there are tons of purchases to fast food in Europe. I haven't traveled to Europe and I don't eat fast food. It turns out someone, somewhere, got my account information. I am careful when I put my password in but there are so many chances to have your info stolen it's bound to happen. This isn't to scare you but to ask you to look at your purchases carefully. If you see a small amount that you don't recognize as in a $1 or $ 3 purchase, that is a test from the thieves to see if your account is active. Next, they wipe you out completely...


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