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The Many Questions About Sleep, Dreams and Your Sleep Sweet Spot

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

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The following is an introduction and excerpts from the book and program, available now. Your Sleep Sweet Spot©

The Many Questions about Sleep and Dreams

There are millions of people suffering from some type of sleep issue. I know this first hand since I have the very rare “Sighted Non-24” where your body’s natural clock is not in sync with the 24 hour day. That was just one of the reasons I have dedicated my current work to sleep and dreams. Now I take my Psychology background and research, my empath abilities, experience as a writer, Interior Design skills and Sleep Science Coach Certification to introduce you to Your Sweet Sleep Spot©

Your Sleep Sweet Spot is a sleep routine, ritual, space design, schedule, and philosophy that implements bio-individuality. It provides you the best, most restorative sleep, optimal restoration, balance, and vital energy for your unique sleep cycle—nocturnal, diurnal, or alternative shift sleeper). It considers your specific physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. It also considers environmental, technological advances, and global interconnection, using what works and upgrading it to adjust with ongoing changes.

There are endless questions about sleep and dream. I get questions all the time and some are basic questions that are relatively easy to answer and some are quite intense and leave me with the desire to find answers. Some of the questions will be answered throughout this book. There are many questions we just don’t have the answer to but do have theories, speculations and hints about. Whether it’s a neurologist, a shaman or one of our ancestors, there is plenty of information that can bring us closer to answers about sleep and dreams.

Do you have a question about sleep and dreams? Do you see it below? Would you like to add a question to the list it?

Common Questions about Sleep and Dreams

  1. Who are sleep experts?

  2. Who are dream experts?

  3. How are research studies on sleep or dreams done and are they accurate

  4. What medications and treatments are there for my sleep issue?

  5. How does this impact our waking, “real” life?

  6. Do we really need sleep?

  7. Who or what pays for research studies?

  8. Who participates in research studies?

  9. Why do we need sleep?

  10. What happens when we fall asleep?

  11. Is sleep a biological need, a mental need or a spiritual need?

  12. What happens when we wake up?

  13. How much sleep do I need?

  14. How long can I go without sleep?

  15. What happens if I don’t ever go back to sleep?

  16. What are long sleepers or short sleepers?

  17. What is insomnia?

  18. How can I wake up with more energy?

  19. Who needs more sleep, children, adults, seniors?

  20. What is the connection between general health and sleep?

  21. What is narcolepsy?

  22. Why do I need so much sleep?

  23. Why don’t I need a lot of sleep?

  24. Why do some people need just a little bit of sleep and they are functional and seemingly healthy?

  25. Why am such a light sleeper/deep sleeper?

  26. Is it ok to take naps?

  27. What is the best position in bed for sleep?

  28. What is jetlag?

  29. Why do we dream?

  30. Does everyone dream?

  31. Why don’t I remember my dreams?

  32. Do people have shared dreams?

  33. What are nightmares?

  34. Why do I wake up but can’t move? What is sleep paralysis?

  35. Why do I have the same dream over and over again?

  36. Why do I twitch or jerk during sleep?

  37. Why do I hear voices when falling asleep/waking up?

  38. Why do I feel something near me sometimes when falling asleep/waking up?

  39. Do dreams come true?

  40. What are specific meanings of dreams?

  41. What is lucid dreaming?

  42. Can dreams solve real life problems?

  43. Should I sleep with my pet?

  44. How can I set up my environment and space to make sleep an easier process? AND

Many more: Is it bad or good to do this, that and the other: e.g. sleep with blankets, eat before sleep, take pills, sleep alone, use apps to help sleep, choose a certain mattress, pajamas, nude, pillow, sheets…All about sleep routines, schedules and spaces.

A list of questions addressed by This is Diana regarding sleep and dreams in coaching and other services
Image of the List of Sleep and Dream Questions

For each question, there are many sub-questions, it could literally be endless. Fortunately, there some answers to these questions available.

This work at This is Diana is my contribution to the healing and awakening power of sleep and dreams. You will find a wealth of information here via the blog, and resources you can use to work on your sleep life. The blog also includes information on meditation, pain management, mental health, yoga, products for wellness, and some fun surprises.

The This is Diana offers products and services to help you get some very needed sleep. What do you want to know?

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Wishing You Wholeness


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