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An Affirmation to Re-Establish to Your Balance

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Don't Just React to Life, DESIGN Your Life

We Need Balance

As humans we must work on staying balanced. This means balance of mind, body and spirit. Without balance we become unhealthy and sick. We don't often notice this until it's too late. Don't let this happen to you.

We can simply make a decision to care for ourselves to maintain balance and there are many fun, incredibly simple ways to do so. Don't let anyone tell you self-care is boring, unnecessary or trendy--it is necessary for a vital life.

Below is a simple but effective way to get started. You simply state it. You can read it, say it out loud, write it out do yourself, add or remove and see it work it's magic. The magic is you will realize all the opportunities to re-establish balance.

This can include:

  • eating a bit better,

  • sleeping more (my specialty as a Certified Sleep Science Coach),

  • Using your senses to bring balance like aromatherapy, massage, gentle body movements (with essential oils, candles, etc.)

  • a customized physical exercise program just for you

  • finding more joy in creative ways

  • discovering how to de-stress

  • take control of your health and life, and oh the list of gifts goes on.

Take this first step below and let being in balance open doors of learning and joy.

Your Affirmation and Check-List for Balance

Keeping my life in balance allows me to rest.

I value my rest time because it enables me to recharge my body and rejuvenate my soul. Making time for relaxation is equally important as the other to-dos on my agenda.

The way to achieving quality rest time is through a balanced schedule.

I have the necessary clarity of mind to discern which responsibilities I should take on and which ones need to wait.

I am mature enough to differentiate between that which I am called to do and that which I simply desire to do. I understand that just because I can do something does not mean I should do it.

To maintain a balanced life, I must sometimes put aside some minor responsibilities and fun activities. The benefits of living a balanced life are worth the sacrifices of letting go of some things I love to do. On my plate, I place only those things I need to carry through this season of my life.

I find within myself the courage to candidly confront myself with the reality of my intentions. I release myself from any task I perform solely to appease another person. Instead,

I prioritize my values and fill my schedule with those things first.

My body gets sufficient rest because I make room in my schedule for myself. At night, I drift off to sleep as peacefully as a newborn baby in a mother's arms.

Today, I choose to go to bed early enough to provide myself with enough time to have uninterrupted sleep. Taking care of my body enables me to have more strength to fulfill my calling.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I make time in my schedule for rest?

2. How do I need to adjust my plans to give myself adequate time for sleep?

3. Am I happy with the amount of rest I get?

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