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Self-Care is WHAT!?!

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

What is Self-Care, Exactly?

There is a lot out there about what Self-Care is. Yet no one seems to really know. Certain industries are taking advantage of this and using it to market certain products like the beauty industry, or medical devices services, even the anti self-care movement that believe you should stay within the confines of the status quo.

Self-care is exactly that, caring for your "self". Your body, your mind, and your spirit. They are all connected. You care for one it flows over to other parts of our--selves.

So why the confusion or debate about what self-care is?

We have been conditioned to believe that caring for yourself is inherently wrong, selfish, bad and worst of all, unimportant. This is incorrect. Every living creature must care for themselves, otherwise we are unable to effectively do anything worth doing in life including caring for others.

Don't fall for the I DON'T HAVE TIME myth.  You can make the time. Who's the boss of you? Something or someone else? Take your power back. Start small, but take it back and stop making excuses.

Don't fall for the I CAN'T AFFORD IT myth. Self-care is so wide-ranging the some of the most basic forms are free and fundamental. Conscious breathing, watching your posture, scheduling your time, hygiene, etc.

Don't fall for the I DON'T NEED IT myth. We all need it or we'd wither away. Once we find the value in ourselves, everything falls into place.

Don't fall for the IT'S FOR WOMEN ONLY (OR MEN ONLY) myth.

Self-care is for everyone. We all need it to nourish ourselves in various ways. This ranges from what we eat, to how we sleep, or who we spend time with oh and so much more.

The best part about self-care is the use of our creativity to find ways of doing it. And yes, there are self-care routines that are luxurious. That's okay, in fact, that's fantastic. there are choices and that's why we are here to exercise our free will and make choices.

The myths go on, so let's dispel them and work on what is true...

Don't suffer needlessly

I invite you to take the challenge and learn more about self-care


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